Greetings, Internet!

Yesterday, a friend handed me a copy of the 2017 Reading Challenge  from our local library here in Rural, Kentucky.   While drinking my mid-afternoon coffee (strong, sweetened with honey) I decided to give it a go.  Since I’d forgotten to bring the list home–in typical Augusta fashion–I googled it, and found the same one here: 2017 Reading Challenge.  Then–inspiration! I’d start a blog to share the experience!  Had I ever blogged?  Nope.  But, hey, I’m a writer (3 unfinished novels in the works…so what if one is only three chapters…).  How hard can this be?  Forty-five minutes later I was up and running…started writing a witty and clever post…then somehow lost it in it’s entirety.  I remain undeterred.

So, the first category : “A book recommended by a librarian.”  Seems simple enough.  I’d ask  my local librarian for a suggestion.  But…what if I didn’t like what she suggested?  Or just didn’t want to read it?  What if she told me her very favorite book ever and I hated it?  I’d have to avoid the library for months lest I hurt her feelings!  And really, would she ever forget?  Googling librarian suggested books seemed safer.  After perusing a few sites, I decided to go with an older one, hoping I’d find one available from my local library via my overdrive app.  (I’m a notorious cheapskate.)  Check out Nancy Pearl’s recommendations  here: Nancy Perl’s Picks from Summer 2009.   As it so happened, I already had the Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.  I hadn’t read it, nor seen the movie.  (See the movie before reading the book?  Never!)

You might think, isn’t Augusta starting this challenge a little late in the year?  It’s February 25!   There are 40 books –52 on the advanced list!  But I’m best under pressure–and you, internet readers–are my accountability partners. So let’s do this!

Okay, internet.  Let’s get reading!