Spies and Bunnies

I’m about halfway through Watership Down, alternating between reading and listening, and slightly worried about the fate of my furry friends.  I’m one of those people who can handle people dying in books and movies better than animals.  I keep thinking about the reference  to this book in The Stand, and if it’s like The Stand in its ending, then most of the bunnies are toast.  

That being said, I’m also reading The Thirty-nine Steps, allegedly the first espionage novel.  This is a short novel, and mostly fun.  As a Kentuckian, I’ve at times been frustrated by attempts of authors to write a Kentucky dialect.  The author of this book gives writing in a rural Scottish accent a go (I think he was Scottish) and it’s been interesting to decipher.  “I’ll awa’ back to my bed and say I’m no week, but I doot that’ll no help me, for they ken my kind o’ no-week-ness.”  What?

That being said, after I finish the spies and bunnies novels, I’m next on to “a book with a cat on the cover.”  After reading about mental illness, the end of the world, academic misery, domestic violence and alcoholism, suicide and child molestation…I’m ready for something light, folks.  The cat book is either going to be Lawyer for the Cat: A Sally Barnard Novel by Lee Robinson or How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You… by the Oatmeal and Matthew Inman.  If the Lawyer-cat book (not sure if it’s romance or a “cozy mystery”-whatever that is.  Cats are big in cozy mysteries.) proves unreadable, I’m committed to feel no guilt about the Oatmeal book.  I’ve committed to 52 books and I’m not using any book for more than one category.

Happy reading folks.


Author: augustajusticewrites

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One thought on “Spies and Bunnies”

  1. Trying to figure out what the heck is being said due to dialect is why I stopped reading the Outlander series (and stopped watching the show).

    I can only manage to read about 14 books a year so I am awe-struck by anyone that reads large amounts no matter how they do it.

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