Extravagantly, guiltily alive.

My progress on Goodreads.

That’s the emotion expressed by Jeevan, our main character in the first, short section of the novel, immediately before learning the Georgian Flu has hit Toronto and people are dying within hours of exposure.  And we thought Captain Trips was bad.    I reached page 92 last night before trying to sleep. I hope to see Jeevan again.  The book, at 92 pages, has flashed from hours before the brink of “the collapse,” to twenty years after, and then to fifteeen years before the collapse.

A brief word about spoilers:  I think it’s fair to talk about what happens in a book in the first half, and I promise to remain silent as to what happens in the second half.  Does that seem fair?  If anybody vehemently disagrees, please leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll limit it to the first quarter.  After all, this affects y’all, and I want you to keep coming back.

Any readers who absolutely love The Stand or The Fireman simply must read this book.  You’ll dig it.  (I released my inner “Uncle Stevie” there.)

I want to give a shout out to my international readers.  Thanks to my Foxhole Buddy and her family who are in Amsterdam right now–that explains the three views from that country–for reading my little blog while on vacation.  And to whoever is reading in Canada, Australia, and Romania–thanks, and welcome from Rural, Kentucky where I’m humbled to have had so many views.

Finally,  the caravans of the traveling symphony, by horse and buggy along the shoreline of Lake Michigan,  work to keep music and Shakespeare alive 20 years after “the collapse.” Why? “Because survival is insufficient.”  Amen.


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