The Book is Better (As Usual)

I twisted Beloved Husband’s arm into watching the Silver Linings Playbook movie with me last night.  I’d heard nothing but good things about it from people who hadn’t read the book.  I disliked it immensely.  Perhaps BH would’ve enjoyed it more if I hadn’t constantly paused the movie to go on tirades. The book was much, much funnier and the movie completely changed the characters.  To those of you who’ve seen the movie: please do not miss this book; it’s a thousand times better.

This morning, I read the first chapter of Station Eleven before real life interrupted.  It begins with an actor having a heart attack on stage while playing King Lear, and then turns into the Stand (Shakespeare+Stephen King=Augusta is going to love this book) as a super-flu sweeps through Toronto.  I tried listening while I drove, but I’m going to re-read those parts.  Too many distractions, and I think I’m going to really, really like this one.  I don’t want to miss a single word.

Speaking of audio books (you don’t know how much I yearn to call them “books on tape”), the fourth prompt on the reading challenge is an audiobook.  This presents a slight challenge.  I love audiobooks, but I typically listen as a second read.   Occasionally, I’ll become so engrossed that I can’t stop, so I listen to the audio when I’m driving or doing laundry (Revival by Stephen King was one).  For me, the experience of reading is too different from listening, and books I love demand both from me eventually.  But, the challenge requires an unread book (so saith Augusta–this rule applies only to me; you make your own).  For my audio prompt, I’m probably going with the Boston Stranglers by Susan Kelley or The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin, true crime gets only one read from me–and I don’t take it down the rabbit hole with me when I go.  (Yes, I know–The  Nine is about the United States Supreme Court.) Another possibility is Locke & Key by Joe Hill, which is a radio play (I think) based on a graphic novel series I have not read.   I love graphic novels but they’re too dang expensive.

Meanwhile, I finally started a Goodreads page–don’t know what took me so long.  Friend me!  Augusta Justice–or So long for now–the rabbit hole beckons.


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