1 Down–51 To Go

The aptly named Criminal.

Whew.  I finished The Silver Linings Playbook– quite a page turner.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow, after it settles.  I’m currently enveloped in the cobweb-like fog that descends after finishing a very good read.  Planning to watch the movie with my Beloved Husband (who is probably happy to have me ascend from the depths of the rabbit hole).

Meanwhile, my furry babies are happy to have me paying attention to them.  I forgot to feed the Clown Prince and Her Ladyship, my two dogs, this morning.  My cats (Fat Boy and Criminal) did better, as I’ve lapsed back into free feeding.  They’re terrible nags, otherwise.  That’s Fat Boy pictured at the top of the blog exiting via his cat door–clearly not underfed.

So–tomorrow I start Station Eleven:  A Novel.  After that, book number three on the reading challenge is “A Book of Letters.”  Not sure I mentioned this, but one of my goals is read books I already own, or can borrow from the library.  I googled “books of letters” and, well, yawn.  24, Charing Cross Road is my first pick, but it’s not available to download via Overdrive.  I may check my brick and mortar library for it, but timing is everything.  Meanwhile, I put “letters” in my Overdrive search and downloaded Dear Committee Members: a novel by Julie Schumacher.  Never heard of the author nor the book, but it looks snarky and fun.  (I hate committees, and am convinced nothing good ever comes out of one.)  I remain uncommitted, so if anybody has any suggestions for a “book of letters,”  please leave a comment or shoot me an email at augustajusticewrites@gmail.com.


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